Marketing and networking on the internet are no longer just using Facebook and Twitter anymore.  So
many new applications have opened up to reach out to the masses.  The web has opened up endless
possibilities with advertising your company or you as an artist.   Talk to us about your wants and needs.  
We can connect you with the world wide web using the online tools that were built to suit your needs and
It has been over 25 years since ProDuctions PR LLC was first founded.  It started out as a small
promotions and marketing company and has grown over the years.  We started out helping festivals to find
entertainers and promoted their shows.  In the last 25 years we have grown leaps and bounds, adding a
publishing company, working with different businesses and opening up many avenues for us in both the
marketing/promotions industry as well as the entertainment world.  We have become bigger, but still
promote customer service with everything we do.
     Galon the Northern Pintail Duck is the story about a duck who lives at a
pond with many other animals.  His parents were taken from him before he
was born and the animals sat on his egg until he hatched.  You meet the
other inhabitants of the pond as they interact with Galon during is daily
activities.  Timmy the turtle teaches him to skip stones and Tadpole shows
how courageous he can be as he jumps in the pond for the first time,
making a big splash.  Barbara Bird teaches Galon many things, one being
that he is never alone and everyone at the pond is his family.  They are
always there for one another.  

Sue grew up in the heartland with a love of horses but
also wanting a career in marketing. It was when she
received her silver heart necklace from a man whom
she loved that she realized it might be possible to mix
her career with true love.

When she least expected it Sue was offered her dream
job. How would a new job and move to Texas affect her
life? Will Mike follow her or will she be alone, or will she
have the kind of love of which she had dreamed? Will
The Silver Heart bring her love, the forever after kind?

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for all the links to purchase The Silver Heart book.
ProDuctions PR LLC - ProDuctions PR LLC is the
parent company of all the conglomerates.  ProDuctions PR LLC
is the marketing and promotional company.  ProDuctions PR
LLC  works with businesses to increase their revenue by
marketing or promoting their goods.  We also work with events
and venues to promote shows or fundraisers they have
planned. ProDuctions PR LLC works with the other companies
to market their products or events.
Egbert Books and Publications - Egbert Books and
Publications was created in 2015 to publish the children's
Galon the Northern Pintail Duck. In 2016 The Silver
was published and released by author Samantha
Sheridan.  Egbert Books and Publications has a website and
blog for the book printing company .  James Paul Publishing
is the book publisher for Egbert Books and Publications.
     In January of 2018 I accepted an offer from Summer Sky Music Group in Nashville I just
couldn't refuse.   I get to do what I love best and I get to work with some incredible people.  I
met LaDonna Brewer-Capps when I was working with Fred Wells and we became friends
instantly.  Over the years I have worked in many facets of the music industry.  I was the
manager for several artists, managed several bands, booked some artists, created EPKs for
different artists, took pictures and created written materials needed.  As the manager of a
$5,000,000 Performing Arts Center I learned the other side of the business when I booked
entertainment from Broadway and musical shows from all over the country.  Since that time I
have been doing marketing, advertising and web design for several businesses.  I will be
joining Summer Sky Music Group as the Director of Promotions/Public Relations.  I will be
working as a producer, on the management team, promotions on radio and social media,
website design and I will be working in the public relations department writing press
releases, artist bios, and anything else needed.  I am excited about joining the Summer Sky
Music Group team and having an office in Nashville.